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                                             Member Benefits

Legislative and Industry Representation at State and Promote
VAA Standards: The VAA represents its members every hour of every day.
Whether it be new legislation, a change in the rules that govern how you
conduct your business, or a change being contemplated to how you work in
EMS, it’s our job to make sure your interests are protected anytime an EMS
subject is discussed. From our legislative committee who continually monitor the State Capitol for EMS-related developments within the legislature, to the VAA Officers, there are people working for you 365 days a year.influence safety, health and tax issues with the General Assembly Regulatory National Levels and other state EMS related  organizations. You have a voice and representation! Let it be heard.

Legislative Watch: Frequent dialogue with legislators and testimony provided at legislative hearings. Reimbursement Representation to Medicare: Your questions or problems can be taken to the appropriate person through the Care, Medicaid through the Medicare and Association's relationship with CMS, HMS, DPW, etc.

Information Resource: There’s so much to know and so much is changing that sometimes you don’t know who to believe or where to turn for information or help. As an VAA member, you’ll know where to turn—to your association. If our Board members can’t answer your question, they’ll find someone who can. Send us an e-mail with your question or problem, or try our web site. It’s overflowing with the latest in EMS information from a calendar of EMS events, to the latest happenings.

Stay Informed: Being part of the VAA is knowing that you’ll be informed of the things that affect you. We’ll watch your back and be there to help if you need us

Reimbursement News: An email newsletter produced bi-monthly to keep the membership up-to-date on any reimbursement issue.

Periodic Reimbursement Education: Each year, the Association brings in experts in reimbursement issues to keep members Update Seminars informed of tips and trends in reimbursement.

Networking: Meet with the leaders of other services in Vermont. They may have already experienced your problem.

Issue Alerts: Email Communication on timely topics as they become available, public or when the VAA office is notified.

Scholarship: Services from around the state may nominate outstanding individuals from their services to receive the "Chuck Hoag Scholarship" award.  

Other Resources: The VAA Officers are there for you. When you need an answer, contact us Available via email, fax, phone, or the web and we'll do the research for you.

Boundtree Medical Discounts: Members of the VAA are eligible for a group purchasing discount on all items sold by Boundtree Medical.

Airgas Discounts: Members of the VAA are eligible for a group purchasing discount on Oxygen Tank rental and oxygen.

NAEMT Membership: 25% discount on NAEMT membership.

What we have accomplished:

  • Medicaid Reimbursement Increase
  The VAA lobbied the Department of Health and was able to have the reimbursement amount increased by almost  34%. The
         first increase in over 10 years
  • Ambulance Reimbursement Reform
  Passed legislation which requires insurance companies to pay the biller not the patient for services  rendered by the
         ambulance service.

  • Committee Appointments
  The VAA has seats on the Homeland Security Grants Advisory Council, State EMS Advisory Committee, and the State
          Emergency  Response Commission (SERC).


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders with VAA President Jim Finger