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VT Emergency Medical Services Plate

Get a Vermont DMV issued VAA EMS Plate for your vehicle.

Here's how:

1.  You must be a member or an employee of a Vermont EMS agency that is a member
of the VAA.

2.  Your vehicle must belong to one of the following classes:
  •  Pleasure cars
  • Other vehicles registered at the pleasure car rate
  • Trucks registered for less than 26,001 pounds 

3. Ask the head of your department to draft a letter on Department Letterhead stating that you are a member of that squad/service and email or snail mail it to:

    VAA President - Jim Finger
    C/O Regional Ambulance Service, Inc.
    275 Stratton Road
    Rutland, VT 05701

    email: jimatras@aol.com

4.  The treasurer will mail a verification letter to your mailing address upon receipt and verification that your service is a member in good standing of the VAA.

5.  Click the license plate above to download the DMV application.

6.  Mail the completed application form, verification letter, and payment to DMV.