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Our Mission

 The Vermont Ambulance Association is the lead organization serving the needs of its members in the emergency and non-emergency ambulance and medical transportation industry. The VAA advocates the highest quality patient care through ethical and sound business practices, advancing the interests of its members in important legislative, educational, regulatory and reimbursement issues.
In accomplishing this goal, VAA is dedicated to excellence in providing superior service to all facets of its membership and in developing positive relationships with other organizations involved in the medical transportation field.
Our Objectives are:
To promote the science and art of pre-hospital care
 within the state of Vermont;

To afford our members opportunities for the
interchange of ideas with respect to the science and art of pre-hospital care, and the publication of
information thereon;

To establish co-operative liaison activities with other associations, and governmental agencies interested
in the improvement of emergency medical care for the benefit of all providers of ambulance service in general;

To do all things incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above named objectives for the benefit of the
members of the association

In carrying out this mission, the VAA is committed to meet the needs of its members in the volunteer, non-profit
for-profit and fire-based sectors.


VAA members pursue a common goal -- to deliver quality, professional care to those we serve. To help them achieve this goal, the VAA is committed to the following objectives: 

Advance the science and art of prehospital care, 

Afford its members opportunities for the interchange of ideas with respect to the science and art of prehospital care, and for the publication of information thereon, 

Establish cooperative liaison activities with other associations, organizations and governmental agencies interested in the improvement of prehospital care, 

Establish criteria for the standards of all levels of services whereby members of the Association can achieve recognition and receive accreditation for their progress within the prehospital care systems.


The Vermont Ambulance Association is a 501(c)6 non-profit trade association that was organized to provide ambulance operators a common voice to work toward their goals on issues of mutual concern. The Association represents ambulance operators before legislative and regulatory bodies on matters of general industry interests.

Our organization is compromised of emergency service providers throughout the state of Vermont  ambulance providers, both public and private, from densely populated urban areas to rural and wilderness areas of the state. As a relative new-comer when compared to other emergency services such as fire or police, EMS has traveled a long way in a relatively short period of time. EMS today is still very much a work in progress. Changes continue to be made on almost a yearly basis, designed to improve the care that is provided and the quality of EMS delivered throughout Vermont. At any given time, there are multiple projects underway that may serve to improve and enhance Vermont EMS.

Through out team efforts and educational processes, we are able to work toward the betterment of ambulance and emergency medical services as a means of promoting the general health and safety of the population. General membership is open to all certified Vermont licensed EMS providers in the state. Affiliate membership is also open to ancillary and support service organizations. Become a part of the Vermont Ambulance Association. It’s the best way to associate with other EMS providers who do exactly what you do.


VAA Contacts

VAA President: 
Jim Finger, Chief Executive Officer/Administrator 
Rutland Regional Ambulance Service
275 Stratton RoadRutland, Vermont 05701
Telephone: (802) 773-1746

VAA Vice President:

VAA Treasurer:
Will Moran
1 Educational Center Dr
Essex Junction, Vermont 05452
Telephone: (802) 878-4859

VAA Secretary:
Carl Mattison
 Ludlow Ambulance Service
 PO Box 911
 Ludlow, VT 05149
 Telephone: 802- 228-2880 
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