The Vermont Ambulance Association (VAA) is a professional trade organization for EMS and mobile health care providers in Vermont. For over three decades, the VAA has worked to promote and support matters critical to its members' success.

We were established to promote the science and art of pre-hospital care within the State of Vermont, to afford members opportunities for the interchange of ideas and to serve as a liaison with other associations and governmental agencies interested in EMS care.

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Next VAA meeting January 10 at Regional Ambulance Rutland Vermont.
Social Hour 11: to 12:
12: - 2: Meeting
Special presentation on Cost Reporting

Ambulance Cost Data collection is mandated by Congress. Services have to provide accurate  information to CMS or face a 10% penalty in Medicare reimbursement.  Services will need to start collecting the information soon. The VAA will be providing as much information as we can to keep services informed.

Special Presentation at the January Meeting.

Maria Bianchi Executive Director of the American Ambulance Association will be giving a presentation on the Ambulance Cost Reporting process. Now is the time to get ready. Plan on attending

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